Indoor/Outdoor Printing

We utilize high quality printing machines to ensure the best printing and finishing output..
We have a variety of printing media ranging from media for outdoor use and for indoor use, following are specifications for different medias...

 Backlit flex face (known as flex):
Translucent flexible sign face material. Ideal for backlit billboards and light boxes, exhibits, and trade show displays. Available for indoor and outdoor use.

This durable, opaque white material has a smooth, uniform finish and is water resistant with no lamination required. Great for banners, billboards, signs and point of purchase displays. Available for indoor and outdoor use.

 Self-Adhesive Vinyl :
Adheres to most surfaces , it can be adhered to exhibit boards, glass, plastic, metals and painted surfaces. Great for vehicle signage.
Used for indoor and outdoor signage, building murals, and banners.

Open-weave flexible material typically used for the production of building wraps, trade show danglers, indoor and outdoor signage.

Backlit film (duratrans):
Great for light boxes, menu boards, gives extremely vibrant colors. For indoor use or short term outdoor use.

Glossy paper and glossy film:
These high gloss materials are great for posters, prints, and indoor signs.
A gloss or matt finish can be applied For indoor use or short term outdoor use.

See through vinyl:
also known as Perforated Window Film, made with small holes throughout it so you can see through the material.
Light plays an important role in how this material looks when applied.
When used on a window, only the mesh window graphic will be seen from the side with more light. and from the darker side of the window, you can still see through the window with ease. So when the custom decal is applied to the back window of a vehicle, you can see out of the rear window easily, but people looking in from the outside see the printed graphic on the vinyl.
Can be used on any type of window. The material is very durable and they are very easy to apply.

Satin / fabric:
This is the best solution for printing flags. Satin fabric is a polyester textile that has a silky look.
Light height. can be for indoor and outdoor events and exhibitions.

Reflective Vinyl:
Same as vinyl but with a reflective surface. 
Used on road signs, store fronts and vehicle wrap for a better impact at night

Reflective Banner:
Same as banner material but with a reflective surface. 
Used on road signs and billboard for a better impact at night

For indoor artistic feel images,
This smooth white poly/cotton canvas produces excellent paintings at a lower cost. great for art reproductions, the quality is excellent for those who require a more economical alternative than hand made paintings.